Content Optimizer

MELO / Content Optimizer CMS

The choice of CMS is one of the most critical decisions each business could make when it comes to a website’s initial design or re-design. Safety issues, the functions scalability without any restriction, the operating speed and cooperation with search engines, are critical factors to be taken into account before the ultimate decision.

MELO / Content
Optimizer CMS

MELO / Content Optimizer innovates, emphasizing on making content optimization quite friendly to each search engine, facing all compatibility issues between different web browsers with respect to the dynamic content display. Some of the competitive advantages of the Content Optimizer platform are:


What We Offer

  • Ultimate content security
  • Open source CMS security problem avoidance
  • Speed Operation
  • Perfect cooperation with search engines
  • Great variety of ready to use modules & componets for each business need

Advanced platform capabilities

  • Integrated website content and structure management
  • Ability to manage all types of digital content
  • Simple content management with the use of web forms & rich text editors
  • Possibility of html code writing for experienced users and professional content managers.
  • Extensive technical data for the development of search engines "friendly" websites
  • Integrated mechanism for banners management with unique features for " smart "management.
  • Variety of already existed mechanisms for new-announcements, news releases, catalogs and any other kind of multiple repetitive entries information.
  • Inherently integrated multilingual mechanism with enabled configurations of each website per language.
  • Rapid website operation with W3C validation
  • Responsive Design Support – Themes architecture
  • All the advanced capabilities mentioned above, guarantee each e-learning project’s success and uniqueness, based on MELO / Digital School.

Development Technologies

MELO / Digital School has been entirely developed on Microsoft technologies, on framework .ΝΕΤ 4.5 and the Microsoft SQL Server database system. User Interface system design, follows responsive design rules for making use easy and quick from any kind of device (pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone). Meanwhile, for the system development, the following have been used:

  • Modern technological features concerning the database's design and function for reassuring demanding implementations’ high performance.
  • Critical data encryption sophisticated techniques, reassuring system’s function safety.
  • Recovery speed's practical optimization & system's database information presentation
  • Function support under SSL safety protocol (Secure Sockets Layer).

Contact us and one of experts will guide you in how to effectively use MELO / Content Optimizer CMS for your organization or business‘s web site