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e-learning MELO / Digital School platform

MELO / Digital School is a universal, innovative e-learning software platform. It comes as a result of the many years, our company has spent, on research and development for the e-learning sector. Both our Software Platform & the projects we have worked upon it, they have been awarded in international and national competitions. Let’s get to know it….

MELO / Digital

Based on new technologies by Microsoft and international e-learning standards (SCORM, AICC, TinCan), MELO / Digital School platform can set the ground for integrated e-learning environments development in educational organizations & companies, offering unique e-learning experiences to everyone involved in the educational process. Every modern company or organization can adopt MELO/Digital School platform and benefit by the following features:


What We Offer

  • Asynchronous e-learning (learning, evaluation, collaboration)
  • E-testing & Assessment
  • Live-streaming courses in digital classrooms
  • Webinars
  • "1-1" learning sessions
  • Learning seminars on demand
  • Web Educational TV
  • Presentations and collaboration from distance
  • Live educational support services from distance

Why e-learning using
Digital School?

With MELO / Digital School platform, more than 100 organizations & companies, in Greece and abroad, have successfully implemented e-learning services for thousands students. The platform’s standard architecture combined with our Web & Mobile Application Division executive’s expertise can guarantee the success of every e-learning project based on MELO / Digital School.

System’s Architecture

E-learning MELO / Digital School platform is based on a standard modular architecture, which is mostly characterized by its unique flexibility and adaptability in installation. A sum up of the platform’s features is depicted below:

E-Learning platform’s central module consists of other, autonomous subsystems for both synchronous & asynchronous e-learning. More specifically:

Asynchronous e-learning

Educational content management, student’s access management to educational content. Widespread e-learning standards support (SCORM, AICC, etc.)
Collaboration tools for all those involved in the education process. (Questions submit, project’s management & assignment).
Add-on module for social learning development within the platform (individual profile, message posting, personal upload center, blogging, etc.)
Add-on for Digital Library module which allows the creation of student’s dynamic evaluation and distribution tests. Best for e-testing & e-assessment and certification exams conduct.

Live e-learning

Live learning seminars management and implementation using digital classroom model.
Educational events & presentations transmission, in large audiences, through live-streaming technology.
An innovative platform's module that allows e-learning on demand seminars. Supports the professor's team function which offers 1 to 1 students support, at service's given time of function, using the FIFO model (First-IN/Fist-Out).

For live learning implementation & transmission, MELO/Digital School uses top cloud-based transmission services which may be used individually or in combination with other types. Some of them include the following:

Advanced platform capabilities

MELO / Digital School platform comes along with some unique features and functions that guarantee e-learning special needs satisfaction.

  • Standard graphic design for each project, according to each organization's brand ID.
  • Multilingual user interface.
  • Implementation abilities to training centers networks with common digital library (franchise networks, collaboration centers, associations, federations, unions).
  • Multiple front-end learning gateways development (e-learning gates) with common management system.
  • Various custom reports creation possibility.
  • Student's access control from specific computers (Access lock per access device).
  • Platform's environment integration with organization's web site.
  • High security standards addressing even the most demanding penetration tests
  • Adaptive user interface for smart adaptation and high- quality responsive design architecture
  • Special care is given to Standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.) & Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) support by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), within the context of WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) for system use support by PWDS.

All the advanced capabilities mentioned above, guarantee each e-learning project’s success and uniqueness, based on MELO / Digital School.

Development Technologies

MELO / Digital School has been entirely developed on Microsoft technologies, on framework .ΝΕΤ 4.5 and the Microsoft SQL Server database system. User Interface system design, follows responsive design rules for making use easy and quick from any kind of device (pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone). Meanwhile, for the system development, the following have been used:

  • Modern technological features concerning the database's design and function for reassuring demanding implementations’ high performance.
  • Critical data encryption sophisticated techniques, reassuring system’s function safety.
  • Recovery speed's practical optimization & system's database information presentation
  • Function support under SSL safety protocol (Secure Sockets Layer).

Contact us and one of experts will guide you in how to effectively use MELO / Content Optimizer CMS for your organization or business‘s web site