Mobile Sales

Soft1 Mobile Sales

Are you willing to increase your staff’s productivity? Reduce your costs and improve your customer service? Get the Soft1 Mobile Sales application along with the opportunity to perform your sales easily and safely even when you are outside the office.

Mobile Sales

Soft1 Mobile Sales application is an integrated solution and it is not an external application that connects to your business central Soft1 IT. This is a real ready-to-run application, ready for immediate use, fully adapted to your requirements. Thus, no complex configuration required for its proper functioning.


What We Offer

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Efficient sales processes
  • Direct order and payment management
  • Improved quality service
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Get timely and correct decisions

Operating benefits

Now your employees have the option

  • To carry out immediately:
    • Orders
    • Customer Proceeds
    • Internal transport between trucks
    • Customer market research (merchandising)
  • Have immediate information about:
    • Stable and affordable Customer information
    • Fixed and financial data Items
    • Customer card
    • Customer Accounting Balance
    • Stock warehouse species
  • Print directly:
    • Orders
    • Receipts
    • Invoice and other documents
    • Proposal requests

Contact us and one of our experienced consultants will guide you on how to convert the benefits of Soft1 Mobile Sales services, for your business operational excellence.