Soft1 Payroll

Apply all the latest developments concerning the payroll workers with full coverage of any case and get unlimited customization capabilities to address even the most specialized requirements.


Soft1 Payroll application satisfies in the best way and on daily basis, all the legal provisions and tax liabilities related to payroll workers, no matter how complex they are. The utilization ease, calculations accuracy and the great customization capabilities make the application an important tool for any modern business operation.

Simulating largely weekdays tax consultancy work with keyboard functions, Soft1 200 series offers a quite friendly user interface, ensuring high speed alerts and substantial work ease in accounting - certified prints, checklists and electronic submission of documents and files.

Having direct access to specialized tax consulting sites and online support mechanisms, Soft1 200 series serve the needs of modern accounting office, in the best possible way, providing more and better services in timely and cost-effective manner.


What We Offer

  • Integrated employee payroll management
  • Operational costs reduction
  • Continuous updates
  • Functionality adaptation ease
  • Better and faster decisions
  • Data collection and analysis in real time

Soft1 Payroll – Functions

  • Detailed employee file
  • Historicity of payroll data
  • Historicity of payroll data
  • Ability to transfer data from another application
  • Ability to support HP Solution

Contact us and one of our experienced consultants will guide you on how to convert the benefits of Soft1 Payroll services, for your business operational excellence.