Cloud ERP

Soft1 Cloud ERP

Market challenges are continuously increasing, despite the sector your business belongs to. Contemporary companies must operate in accordance with their partners, suppliers and employees. They need to come closer to their customer’s needs under the right circumstances for achieve the best possible outcome at the lowest price.

Soft1 Cloud

Softone has designed Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition, changing what business have been known so far about functionality models.

Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition, due to its functional completeness & potential "operational portability", addresses the following advantages:


What We Offer

  • Low initial investment
  • Pay as you go
  • Data access from anywhere
  • Increased productivity at lower cost
  • Efficient and automated processes

Cloud IT services!

  • High informational systems performance
  • High data protection environments
  • Flexibility in operational expenditures configuration for real needs
  • Minimization of investments in fixed fees
  • Minimization of automatic processing infrastructure maintenance needs
  • Better staff resources usage
  • Access freedom from everywhere
  • Functionality and credibility with no compromises

Contact us and one of our experienced consultants will guide you on how to use the benefits of Soft1 Cloud ERP services, for your business operational excellence.