Soft1 EDU

Soft1 EDU

With one of the most integrated information systems being now available to cover your needs, you have many reasons to feel happy about it! Based on cutting-edge technologies, it offers the integrated solutions for modern ERP & CRM system, your company needs!

Soft1 EDU

Soft1 EDUis one of the kind, when it comes to software for every organization's integrated operation.

It is the one and only which can successfully implement the Student Information System on ERP/CRM systems offering numerous benefits to every educational institution.


What We Offer

  • Consolidated data management within a single system.
  • Utilizes information from every operation & management level of the educational organization, by offering sophisticated KPIs.
  • Unlimited customization & expansion capabilities. Simple maintenance procedures.
  • Avoiding multiple information systems with complex interconnections

Why Soft1 EDU?

Soft1 EDU is the outcome of 20-years of experience in the field of IT services. It is ideal for every educational institution and covers the operation of educational units with multiple educational activities.

It is easy in use and fast in spread ad it is ready to undertake every project.

System architecture

The secret behind the effectiveness of Soft1 EDU, is its unique standard architecture, which is the backbone of any educational organization's IT project.

Soft1 EDU Features


Infrastructure - Operational parameters

  • Buildings (buildings and annexes)
  • Classrooms (natural & virtual)
  • Education department's zones programming
  • Teaching hours Management
  • Official and local holidays Management

Academic organization

  • Education levels
  • Levels / Study programs / Years of study
  • Courses conduct
  • Alternative education

Educational Subjects - Study Packages

  • Educational Subject Management
  • Versioning of academic programs
  • Curriculum packages Management
  • Educational material management & syllabus connection
  • Education Subject interface with academic structure
  • Economic Curriculum packages Management

Educational Activities

  • Training activities Management (tests, examinations, certifications, projects delivery , trips, events)


Administrative staff

  • Personnel management, user’s application
  • Roles and access rights management to the application

External Partners

  • External partners monitoring


  • Teacher management with detailed bio information
  • Academic profile management
  • Cooperation surveying per academic year
  • Forms management / cooperation documents
  • Teachers candidates management (and supplemental)


Trainees - Potential Customers

  • Potential Customers (CRM module)
  • Potential Students leads Management (Interest Expression)
  • Operational management (CRM) for each interest party

Trainees (clients)

  • Trainee management (pupils / students)
  • Foreign students /native student data management
  • Academic & professional profile management
  • Forms / registration documents management
  • Enterprise & organizations management (business accounts)

Affiliated people/companies

  • Connected contacts with trainees management (parents, siblings, friends, colleagues)
  • Trainee’s relationships with companies & organizations management


Academic Period

  • Academic period management
  • Academic segments within an academic year management (semesters et.c)
  • Multiple dynamic data standards per academic year (installments repayment plans et.c)


  • Registration management with detailed study data (details, financial agreement, class registration)
  • Multiple registration statuses
  • Registration forms
  • Training contracts
  • Study certificates management

Education Departments

  • Education departments management
  • Dynamic taught courses & professors definition per department
  • Curriculum management for each section

Program Timetable

  • Program registration & management
  • Multiple conduct courses ways support

Education Calendar

  • Teaching hours, deferrals, additional sessions management & recording
  • Educational activities management & recording

Student's Absences

  • Absences monitoring & recording, based on the education calendar

Students’ Academic Evaluation (performance-grades)

  • Grades monitoring
  • Multiple-types evaluation management for each course
  • Evaluation patterns management per course
  • Multiple Grading Systems support (ECTS, etc.)
  • Evaluation items grouping
  • Multiple grades period monitoring within an academic year
  • Multiple registration & scores reports by professors for fast data entry


  • E-Books compliance and monitoring
  • Planning and implementation monitoring

Education Finance Monitoring

  • Detailed installments / repayments monitoring
  • Receipts and invoice
  • Critical dates for automated information management
  • Tax book monitoring
  • Bank transfer monitor

5. MIS Tools

Statistical analysis

  • Advanced statistical analysis of all application data
  • Detailed record& comparative analyses

Qualitative assessment

  • Evaluation questionnaires and Statistical analysis management
  • Statistical analysis of factors for the quality control of the provided educational services

Financial analysis

  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Debt audits, expected revenue etc
  • Expense management - break even parts
  • Auxiliary payrolls
  • Profitability analysis

6. Marketing & Communication Tools

Sms & email tools

  • Multiple possibilities of direct communication with students, teachers and related parties through email and/or SMS


  • Marketing Campaigns: Organizing & Implementation
  • Results monitoring & follow up

7. Soft1EDU Connector / Data Exchange

eBusiness Connectors

  • Tools for automated interface with MELO/ Digital School platform and/or any other third system

Soft1EDU is the unique software for any educational organization offering integrated management features, regardless of the institution’s size or academic structure.

Highlights student-centered operation emphasizing on information, quality service and advanced communication

Contributes to organization's image upgrade and increases productivity of all parts involved in the educational process

By using sophisticated financial monitoring and control tools, it supports business decisions by entrepreneurs

Contact us and one of our experienced consultants will guide you on how to use the advantages of Soft1 EDU.