Research & Development

Research & Development

Being in a constant search of new technologies and their effective implementation and keeping track of academic research and international software providers strategic planning, we have managed to establish research & development procedures in the following sectors:

  • Integrated digital education ecosystems
  • E-learning platforms focused on adaptive training systems
  • Educational content development and interactive educational applications
  • Business Process Management systems & e-Business

For that reason, we keep in constant touch with the following research & academic institutions:

  • University of Piraeus Research Center
  • University of Thessaly Research Committee
  • University of Aegean Research Committee
  • University of East London

Also, we have successfully participated in National and European research programs such as (QUAL, Horizon, Erasmus+,

Excellence & Awards

For our services in R&D, we have obtained the following excellence award:

  R&D on E-Business, Bronze Award for the creation of MELO Software - Digital School v.15 / e-business ecosystem for education market